(Important: To minimize the stress of fitting the dog wheelchair to your dog, please go through following pdf file first by clicking the link below.)

Download Instruction

Fitting your pet into the dog wheelchair instruction.pdf

Document Title  Video Links
Download assembly and fitting instruction Fitting your pet into the dog wheelchair instruction.pdf
Chest Harness Fitting Instruction Fitting Chest Harness video
Side rods to chest harness attachment Attaching Side Rods video
U frame height and width adjustment Frame Height and Width video
Attaching leg stirrups stirrups video
Size 5 cart

Tia is about 67 lbs. She can fit into either 4R or size 5.  In this video, she is in a size 5 Dog Wheelchair. Note the belly support is also shown in this video.

size 5 video
size 1 cart size 1 video
size 2 cart size 2 video
size 3 cart size 3R video
size 4 cart size 4R video
 size 4L cart  size 4L video
This video channel is a bit outdated but the videos are good for reference. logo_youtube
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We don’t sell the front wheel kits. The document link to the right is a workable design that can add front wheels to the dog wheelchair using PVC pipes. Adding Front Wheels to the Huggiecart Dog Wheelchair.pdf

adding front wheel video

Many customers are very happy once they put their dogs in the carts. The quality of life improved instantly. For some dogs, your initial effort, patience, thoughts, and even  treats will help your dog conquer fear, hesitation, get him/her moving and adjust to this new stage of life. The effort is well worth it. Feel free to contact us for any technical support.

If you ordered the wrong size, please contact us for quick exchange instruction**. Sometimes, adjusting maybe all you need to make it fit.  Unfortunately, there are also dogs can not benefit from this dog wheelchair. Please check your purchase venue for detailed return/exchange policies.

** please check our return exchange policy for details.