By reading through the following guide is one of the reasons why we can keep our price low. It also means that our staff has more time to help you.

Every dog is unique. Not only physically, but also attitude! Our carts have a wide range of frame sizes.  Even within the same sizes, we have carts for short, medium, or long legged dogs. Each cart can also fine adjust in the height, the length, and the width to best fit your dog.  Selecting the right size will be the key to the comfort of your pet.


Fitting guideline video :


What is the weight of your pet?


Approximate Weight of your dog

3-20 lbs 18-42 lbs 33-70 lbs 65-99 lbs
Look Up Size 1Size 2 Size 2Size 3, Size 4 Size 3Size 4, Size 5

Size 4, Size 5


For more details of the wheelchair:

Size 1, = Ultra Small

Size 2, = Extra Small

Size 3, = Small

Size 4, = Medium

Size 5, = Large

Some Helpful Video Links From Our Customers

Size 5: Tia is about 67 lbs. She can fit into either 4R and 5.  In this video, she is in a size 5 Dog Wheelchair. Note the belly support is also shown in this video.

size 5 video

Other videos links are below

size 1 cart video size 1 video

size 2 cart video size 2 video

size 3 cart video size 3R video

size 4 cart video size 4R video

size 4L cart video size 4L video

Feel free to contact us at and send a side view photo of your dog with a common object and we can help you choose the dog wheelchair.

If you need a 4-wheel dog wheelchair, please contact us. We will respond quickly and work with you on the measurements to fabricate the right size for your dog.